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HVAC Maintenance: 6 Important Components of a Checkup

HVAC Maintenance: 6 Important Components of a Checkup

Having a professional service technician perform HVAC maintenance every year is the best way to ensure your system lasts as long as possible. But what exactly are inspectors doing during the examination? Here are the six of the most significant components of a yearly checkup.

  1. General Inspection
    Your HVAC maintenance checkup includes extensive inspection of the inner and outer units. We check all electrical components making sure they are tight and secure, check amp draws on capacitors, contactors, motors and the compressor.
  2. Lubrication
    To keep operating properly, many parts of your HVAC system need regular lubrication. For example, if you have an older outdoor unit, your inspector will check whether your fan blades and motor need to be lubricated. If so, they will lubricate these parts as needed.
  3. Checking Refrigerant
    Having the proper amount of refrigerant makes sure that your unit is properly able to cool the air in your home. Your inspector will decide if the unit has proper refrigeration levels, and if it doesn’t, he or she will add more refrigerant to meet the necessary levels.
  4. Cleaning
    If any of your units are dirty or damaged, the inspector will remedy these problems. Here are some of the cleaning tasks that your inspector should perform:
    • Clean/wash permanent air filters as necessary or change out disposable ones
    • Remove any dirt and debris from the cabinet on your outdoor unit
    • Ensure the outdoor condenser coil is free of buildup that could impede its proper function
    • Clean the condensate drain line to ensure water can flow freely
  5. Checking Operation
    Your inspector will operate your system to determine whether it’s experiencing any issues. One of the most significant parts of this procedure is monitoring wet and dry bulb temperature. Your inspector will also check the vent system to make sure that it is dispelling air properly. During the process, they will also listen for unusual noises and check for unusual smells.
  6. Recommending Repairs
    After the inspector has considered these factors, they will write a system operation report in which necessary repairs will be noted. If you do have any issues, you will be able to get them fixed by a HVAC repair company before they turn into problems that disrupt your HVAC system entirely.

Scheduling annual HVAC maintenance ensures that your system will run properly and efficiently through the hottest and coldest months of the year. 1st Choice Air Solutions offers unparalleled HVAC service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Plus, our 365-days-a-year, 24-hour-a-day service ensures that we’ll be able to perform maintenance on a day that fits your schedule. Call today to schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment.


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