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5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

There’s no doubt that pets fill a home with love, but they also fill our HVAC systems with dander, hair and fur that can put a strain on your system. For pet owners especially, HVAC maintenance is critical to optimum air quality, which affects all members of your family, four-legged or otherwise. By following these essential tips, you can extend the life of your system and create a comfortable environment in your home.

1. Groom Often
Prevention may be the best medicine when it comes to the integrity of your HVAC system. Regular grooming is excellent for your pet and will significantly reduce the amount of airborne hair and fur that can bog down your HVAC system. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America,
frequent pet bathing can also help eliminate the microscopic pet dander, dust and pollen that are the leading causes of pet allergies.

2. Maintain Air Filters
Pet hair and dander clog filters and reduce the airflow in your system. Cleaning or replacing air filters is an essential part of HVAC maintenance, especially for pet owners.

Homeowners often hear they should change air filters every three months, but the frequency of changing air filters depends on the size of your system, the filter it requires and how much you need to filter from your air. If you have one-inch filters and several pet, you may want to change your filters every three to four weeks. If your system uses two-inch filters you may be able to go two or three months between changes.

3. Upgrade to a HEPA Filter
For some pet owners, especially those with allergies, merely changing their HVAC air filter may not be enough. Upgrading to a HEPA filter reduces allergens by a whopping a 99.7 percent by trapping microscopic dander into the filter and preventing it from being re-released into the air. A HEPA filter can drastically improve the indoor air quality and extend the life of an HVAC system.

4. Practice Condenser Safety
Aside from pet urine corroding the fins in your air conditioning condenser, anything with moving parts can become a hazard to your four-legged family members. To protect your dog and cat from the condenser, and vice-versa, train them to stay away when relieving themselves and consider building a small fence or planting dense shrubbery around your unit to prevent easy access. If planting, keep plants and shrubs at least three feet away from the condenser unit. Finally, ensure all exposed wiring is safely encased in conduit to prevent electrical hazards caused by claws or teeth.

5. Conduct Routine Maintenance
Regular HVAC maintenance is essential for the integrity of your system, and pet owners are urged to consider the benefits of a yearly maintenance plan with an HVAC expert to get the most out of their system.

Most maintenance plans offer discounts on any repairs needed throughout the year and can even help save on energy bills. Many potential issues can be caught early, resulting in reduced repair bills and a healthier home, especially for pet owners.

With a little preemptive planning and a solid HVAC maintenance plan, pet owners can have peace of mind that their homes are healthy and safe for all members of the family all year long. Contact 1st Choice Air Solutions today to see how we can help keep your pet-friendly home healthy and comfortable for you and your pets.


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