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Water Around Furnace? Here’s What to Do

Water Around Furnace? Here’s What to Do

One day, your furnace is humming along smoothly. The next? It’s leaking water all over your basement floor. Don’t let this situation worsen. Chances are, a leaky furnace isn’t running to its full heating potential, and the water flow could easily damage your flooring and the surrounding walls. Also, if left without repair, a damaged furnace could quickly become a broken furnace, meaning the unit will need to be replaced entirely. Here’s why you might encounter water around your furnace and what to do.

Reasons Your Furnace Could Be Leaking
There’s an array of potential reasons why your furnace might be sitting in a puddle of water. Don’t try to diagnose their furnace’s ailments themselves. When an experienced technician visits your home, here’s a brief list of potential problems they may find:

  • Leak in High-Efficiency Venting System – If your unit has an AFUE rating over 90, it’s defined as a high-efficiency furnace. Exhaust from this type of furnace appears in a cold, liquid form, which leaves your house through a drainpipe. If there is blockage or other damage to this pipe, this watery exhaust could be dripping out and puddling around your furnace instead.
  • Clogged Internal Drain System – Sometimes, when your air conditioner has recently been in use, it causes a clog in the internal drain system. This issue happens when your air conditioner and your furnace share the same drain. This type of blockage could send water inside and around your furnace.
  • Dripping Internal Humidifier – Another possible issue is that your internal humidifier is leaking. As this situation worsens, the water could begin to appear around the furnace base. A dripping humidifier can wreak havoc on the inside of your unit if left untreated.

What to do if you have a Leaky Furnace
If you notice water around the furnace, call an HVAC specialist immediately. Don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself, because furnaces are complex machines that should be handled with care. After you’ve mopped the area around your furnace and cleared a path for your technicians, sit tight and wait for the HVAC experts to handle the situation. To help prevent future issues, we also recommend scheduling yearly health and maintenance checkups to your furnace, so potential problems can be spotted early.

For Texas homeowners, 1st Choice Air Solutions is your go-to HVAC company. Our team of experts has proudly served the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex since 1995. Call us at (817) 567-2370 for 24-hour emergency service available 365 days per year. We’ll repair your furnace and have it running in no time, or install a brand-new unit for you.


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